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technorati January 1, 2007

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very cool way to authorize new blogs that technorati has. perhaps mbl should do it too?
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Work on the Site December 31, 2006

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So yeah, I’ve made some kind of resolution list p over at  Should be pretty interesting to see if I stick to any of them.  One of those resolutions is to update this thing.  Hopefully that will keep me more organized with tasks and links and such.


Bill Clinton September 24, 2006

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While it’s difficult to look like a good guy when you’re being interviewed by an opposing party’s news network, I think Clinton did a very good job. Still ended up not looking as pristine as he should’ve – but it’s the best way to handle it I’ve ever seen employed.


Fun Online Games September 23, 2006

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Here are a few fun online puzzle games:

Not Pron:

Dracula’s Riddle:

Try and have a shitty time with each of them.  You suck.


fatty humor!

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Here’s a video of a fat kid nearly dying while the person sitting next to her just laughs. It’s so awesome.

Janice is my new hero.